What is MEBAC®?

What is MEBAC®?

As you would expect from ‘The First Family in Industrial Flooring Products,’ Harsco Industrial - IKG’s MEBAC® slip resistant surfaces are manufactured to provide the absolute BEST in safety products. Produced using a proprietary arc spray process, we provide a BEST IN CLASS slip resistant surface that is uniform and extremely durable.

Unlike other anti-slip coatings, MEBAC® surfaces are not made up of tape, resin or paint. Instead molten metal is sprayed onto the required metal surface and a grit media, available in different sizes for different applications, is then encapsulated with additional coats of the molten metal.

MEBAC® surfaces have been in use for over three decades worldwide and are produced at our EPA compliant facility in Leeds, Alabama. MEBAC® is available through our nationwide network of sales and representative offices.

Importance of Coefficient of Friction

MEBAC® meets or exceeds these requirements to provide a safe flooring option.

A co-efficient of friction factor of .50 is considered by OSHA to be a safe surface on which to perform work. The American Disabilities Act suggests a factor of .60 for a flat surface and .80 for an inclined surface.

Co-efficient of Friction Test results for anti slip products: -

Product: Dry Wet Oil
MEBAC® #1 >1.0 >.99 0.76
MEBAC® #3 >1.0 >1.0 0.70
MEBAC® #4 >1.0 >1.0 0.49
Other Products / Manufacturers      
Slip Not 1.0 1.0 n/a
AI Grip 0.99 0.93 n/a
Check Plate 0.60 0.54 n/a


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Anti-Slip Products
Anti-Slip Products

We offer a wide range of MEBAC® slip-resistant coated products. We also offer a custom fabrication service for your own materials.