MEBAC® Anti-Slip Product Case Studies

MEBAC® Case Studies

Harsco Industrial IKG (IKG) has been providing MEBAC® anti-slip safety solutions to thousands of customers in a broad spectrum of industries for nearly 100 years. Our ability to design, manufacture, deliver and install a wide variety of metal grating for difficult or complex customer specifications is one of the capabilities that makes IKG the choice for major municipal, industrial and commercial projects.

Our anti-slip products have been used in a wide variety of projects bringing many benefits to our customers. Some examples of these are outlined below.

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A very large utility truck manufacture approached Harsco/IKG in a search for a slip resistant deck for their utility boom trucks. Harsco invited their engineering / management team to their facility in Leeds Alabama for a day of trials to assist in finding the product they desired.

On that day different materials were trialed and at the end one was chosen as the preferred walking surfaces on the back of their trucks as well for the buckets of their boom trucks. Utilizing a thin gauged material that Harsco was able to locate to prevent bowing the Customer could apply these without creating a tripping hazard. The coating of choice was steel MEBAC #3 utilizing a steel grit particle, encapsulated in a carbon steel molten spray.

End results are very positive as our Customer is able to provide a utility truck to municipalities as well as private consumers with a safe, durable walking surface for workers who have more important issues to worry about when performing their job.

KLB Contractor

A contractor in the northwest recently contacted Harsco / IKG with a slip issue with ductile grating that was being utilized in the street that was causing a safety hazard for bicyclist in the city. Harsco requested a proto-type of ductile grating to see if this product would withstand the aggressive cleaning and heat that is produced when processing through our MEBAC® line.

A trial was planned in our Leeds Alabama facility and the results were outstanding. Harsco packaged the grate and re-sent the product back to the Customer who in turn showed the grate to the City Officials. All involved were very pleased with the molten metal coating and in turn released 600 pcs of ductile grates to Harsco for our aluminum MEBAC® #4 coating. The plant responded and gave a quick turnaround so the contactor could get these drain grates in the streets.

Now bicyclist in the city can ride down the streets and not fear coming up on a street drain grate. Safety is our main concern when applying our MEBAC® Safety Coating to Customer supplied materials. Just like in our plant where safety is stressed daily to our employees, we want everyone to go home to their families unharmed from their daily activities.


A large utility vault fabricator needed a durable slip resistant metal coating for the walking surface on their designed cover. Harsco / IKG were contacted and through an approval process the correct surface was designated for both their steel and their aluminum cover.

Steel MEBAC® #3 was chosen for their steel lids due to the high coefficient of friction and ease of hot dip galvanizing. MEBAC® #4 was the choice for the aluminum covers, which utilizes an aluminum oxide girt particle that is encapsulated in the molten metal spray. Both items are easily fabricated utilizing their lasers and plasma cutting torches, and then welded into certain configurations for their vault covers. Both yield a durable slip resistant coating that is not to aggressive when utilized in public areas.

Our Customer is very pleased with the results they have achieved while using MEBAC® Slip Resistant Safety Coatings, and are exploring new designs for municipalities, as well as large utility companies. The future is bright for this partner of ours as they continue to grow and expand their business.

Omaha Palfinger

Recently a large lift gate manufacturer contacted Harsco/ IKG for a solution to a slip issue on their trailers that utilized a lift gate. Harsco teamed up on a possible solution and presented their idea to the lift gate manufacturer and agreed to supply a proto-typed lift utilizing their MEBAC® surface at no charge. Harsco also supplied samples to the Customer for their evaluation of the proposed product.

The lift gate manufacturer liked what they saw and heard from Harsco and sent down a working sample to be coated, and returned for evaluation. Upon receipt Harsco went over the part and applied special masking to certain parts of the gate that would keep the areas clean of MEBAC® and would assist the end user when installing. A MEBAC® surface was applied, and the lift gate was returned to the Customer.

Our customer is very happy with the MEBAC® coating on their liftgate platforms...

The Customer installed the lift gate and summoned their Customer who was very pleased with what they saw and more what they felt when they stepped on the lift gate. The high coefficient of friction that MEBAC® gives the product will assist the end users employees when walking on the lift gate. Harsco’s MEBAC® is a key in preventing a slip issue when exposed to moisture, dust, or oils.


A large conveyor system manufacturer contacted Harsco / IKG recently to discuss the possible use of steel MEBAC® on the raised platforms that are part of their designed systems. They had tried other vendors and just weren’t pleased with the service they were receiving.

Harsco rolled up their sleeves and put out a product that was safe, durable and reliable for their conveyor systems. The turnaround time worked for their start up, and the Customer fabricated the plate and installed with ease. All parties involved were very pleased with the end results our steel MEBAC® #3 yielded.

While Safety does not have a price tag, the feedback we received was our product was competitive in the market place. This valuable Customer has given Harsco repeat business, and enjoys working with the friendly staff Harsco employ’s. Harsco understands the value of Safety and continues to work on process improvements to yield a cost effective product for the market place.

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