MEBAC Products

MEBAC® Products

MEBAC® surfaces have been in use for over three decades worldwide and are produced at our EPA compliant facility in Leeds, Alabama. MEBAC® is available through our nationwide network of sales and representative offices.

Coating Options
MEBAC Coating Options
We offer five grades of MEBAC® slip-resistant coating, from extremely aggressive to moderately aggressive. All grades exceed the minimum .60 C.O.F. required by many municipalities... Read more about the coating options we offer >>>
Anti-Slip Plates
MEBAC Anti-Slip Plates
Manufactured using a process that encapsulates a grit media in a matrix of molten metal, MEBAC® provides an enhanced coefficient of friction (C.O.F.) when applied to horizontal surfaces. View the range of anti-slip plates we have available >>>
Custom Fabricated Plates
MEBAC Custom Fabricated Plates
Products fabricated to your specific plans and specifications including holes, forming and welded attachments. All fabrication is performed prior to the application of MEBAC®. View custom fabricated plates and options available >>>
Surfaced Customer Materials
MEBAC Surfaced Customer Materials
If your existing flooring is removable and in piece sizes under 60” in width and 240” in length, ship the material to our plant and we will apply your choice of MEBAC® coating. Anti-slip coating applied to your own materials >>>
Industrial Grating
MEBAC Industrial Grating
MEBAC® can be applied to any Harsco Industrial IKG (IKG) grating including Weldforged and pressure locked carbon steel, offering a valuable addition to your loss prevention program. View our range of anti-slip coated industrial grating >>>
Treads & Stair Treads
MEBAC Treads and Stair Treads
Z-Treads provide a fast, economical way to design and construct a steel staircase with built-in, long-term slip-resistance. using a single piece of 3/16” carbon steel plate to form 6”-7” risers, treads and stringer attachment brackets with no welds. Take a look at the range of coated treads available >>>
Surfaced Rungs & Rung Covers
MEBAC Surfaced Rungs and Rung Covers
Ladders are one place where slips tend to have the most extreme consequences. MEBAC® ladder rungs are the answer. Rung covers provide the same measure of safety as regular MEBAC® ladder rungs with a minimum installation time. Take a look at the range of coated rungs & covers >>>
Embedded Nosings
MEBAC Embedded Nosings
We offer a complete line of versatile MEBAC® extruded aluminum nosings for stair treads for both new construction, renovation and either concrete or metal stair treads for slip resistance under wet or dry conditions. View our range of anti-slip coated embedded nosings >>>
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Case Studies
Case Studies

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