MEBAC® Physical Properties

MEBAC® Physical Properties

MEBAC® surfaces have been in use for over three decades worldwide and are produced at our EPA compliant facility in Leeds, Alabama. MEBAC® is available through our nationwide network of sales and representative offices.


MEBAC®’s durability is the result of bonding and exceptional wear resistance. Since the aluminum oxide grit particles are an even harder substance than the metal arc spray encapsulating it, any eventual wear of the metal surface simply serves to expose an even tougher wearing material.


Although MEBAC® surfaces have no load carrying capacity of their own, tests have shown that a MEBAC® surface acts in composite with the metal substrate. Nevertheless, our plate thickness dimensions do not include the thickness of the MEBAC®.

As MEBAC® can be applied to virtually any steel or aluminum substrate chosen by the customer, the design engineer has maximum flexibility in selecting the optimum components to complete the required job. Where installations can utilize standard plate sizes, you view our load tables in our downloads area.

Technical Data

Uniformity Fire Resistance

Other abrasive metals processes are unable to control grit dispersion, resulting in some surface areas with too much grit and some with little or none. MEBAC®’s unique manufacturing process yields a consistently uniform grit pattern.

Mil C-i1346A. 47.4

Ignition Plus Combustion Time (min.)
4.25 Max (specified) / 0 (actual)
Average Char. (in.)
6.00 Max (specified) / 0 (actual)

Tested Bond Strength Food Approval

Steel coating to surface
5,582 PSI

Aluminum coating to surface
5,911 PSI

FDA approved and USDA approved (aluminum EZ weld)

Surface Buildup (added weight to substrate) UL Classified

Steel = .89# / sf
Aluminum = .36# / sf

Classified as slip resistant by Underwriters Laboratories

Tolerances Limitations

Stock sheet sized material
Standard mill tolerances will apply (generally slightly oversized)

Fabricated Plates
+ / - 1/8”width and length, and ¼” square

- MEBAC® is applied to horizontal surfaces only.
- Maximum width of coated material = 60”
- Maximum length of coated material = 240”
- Maximum height of coated material = 8”

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Anti-Slip Products
Anti-Slip Products

We offer a wide range of MEBAC® slip-resistant coated products. We also offer a custom fabrication service for your own materials.


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