MEBAC® Advantages

Advantages of Using MEBAC®

MEBAC® products are manufactured using abrasive grit particles encapsulated in metal spray arc that is bonded to an aluminum or steel substrate. MEBAC® offers a consistently high coefficient of friction under a wide range of conditions, even when wet with lubricants such as brake fluid and oil, providing margins of safety that are unmatched in the industry.


The most important advantage should always be safety! No other product can exceed MEBAC®’s consistently high results for coefficient of friction under a wide range of conditions.

Even when subjected to water and lubricants, the MEBAC® surface meets OSHA’s standards for a safe working surface. Why would you want employees or the public walking on any other safety surface?


Although the initial in-place cost of the MEBAC® may be somewhat higher than other types of anti-slip surfaces, it is most economical for the life cycle of the product.

Over the products lifetime, MEBAC® does not incur additional labor and material costs for the reapplications necessary with most other products, nor potential indirect costs or expenses incurred by the end users when there are slip/fall accidents, lost man hours and equipment down time.

Fabrication flexibility

MEBAC® coatings can be applied either before or after fabrication of metal components.

However it is recommended that whenever possible, bending or forming of substrate should take place before applying MEBAC®. Also, when holes, cut-outs or attachments are performed on plain plate, they yield a higher quality, lower cost and avoid the excessive tool wearing, uneven cut abrasive edges and scrap that can occur on a surface that already has a MEBAC® coating on it.

Fabrication after MEBAC® has been applied is feasible and the fabrication tips offer practical guidance if post-coating fabrication is required (see downloads section for more info).


Harsco Industrial IKG’s MEBAC® production cycle is short enough that manufacturing lead times rarely exceed three weeks for standard material, and are more commonly between one to two weeks depending on shop cycle time.

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